Kim Kardashian And Kanye West’s Baby Woman: Will She Be Given A K Name?


Every 7 days, the Billboard Scorching one hundred is where these days’s musicians have at it for the leading spot, the declare of having the number 1 song in The united states. This week, Taylor Swift has once again taken the lead with We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, sending last week’s champ, Flo Rida’s Whistle, down to #3. A track she performed in dedication of a young cancer target, Ronan, also debuted at #16.

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Yes, yeezy boost does at occasions sound like Randy Quaid in here — but he also tends to make a great offer of sense in how the media enjoys to concentrate on 1 or two issues (see the VMAs) and attempt to apply each aspect of one’s life to that scenario.

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These tracks together make a truly outstanding album, and whilst it might be nearer to the hip-hop business than the street, it is amazing in its capability to captivate and enthrall. It affirms that whether or not one likes it or not Jay-Z is in fact the heir to B.I.G.’s legacy.

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Jerry Seinfeld, Kanye West, President Obama And Oprah


Okay.I’ve heard about as many walking jokes & comments as I care to remember, but after years and years of “tippy.pleased toes.goalie.” I started to believe perhaps there was some reality to the hundreds of my dearest friends creating sure I knew my bodily strolling fashion was funny to them. And right here I believed they were all just a-holes.

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Beyonce’s prior album, I Am.Sasha Fierce yielded a number of hits for the singer including the a lot loved “Single Ladies.” As the Thanksgiving holiday is now upon us tomorrow, Beyonce will be airing a holiday concert unique from her world tour, which will function an look by yeezy boost and her husband, rapper Jay-Z.

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Have fun in your Kanye West costume on Halloween evening. Just try to chorus from interrupting Taylor Swift if at all feasible. Taylor Swift desires her time in the spotlight like every other musician.