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Sophisticated instruments are extremely valuable in recent studies. Most companies now are in the EXFO FOT-90A FLS-210A Fiber Optic Test verge of competition just to provide an optical solution with the highest standard and quality that meet the needs of their customers. It is a must for them to exert more effort in creating quality instruments, so they will not be left out in an exceedingly strict competition. Optical instrument like autocollimator, alignment telescopes, interferometer, camera test patterns and camera test software are some examples of these instruments.

Autocollimator may not sound familiar to most people however; it is often used by engineers, scientists and architects in measuring angles. With an autocollimator, engineers get 100 times accuracy in measurement compared to other instruments used for such purpose. It is also being used to check the parallelism of an optical window, measurement standards and to monitor angular movements.

The next instrument is what we call alignment telescope. An alignment telescope is often called a line scope. Astronauts, planetary observers, space explorers use this instrument. A line scope is made from a stainless tube usually from an alloy that is lightweight; heavy walled and has extreme tolerance. The proven result of a line of sight scope is often used because of its highly accurate reference lines.

Interferometer on the other hand, is widely used for investigative techniques and procedures. Those who use this instrument are scientists, explorers and engineers. The electromagnetic waves in a surrounding pass through this instrument and it give quality results. Interferometer is commonly used to study waves in oceanography, biomolecular interactions, seismology, fiber optics, quantum mechanics, plasma physics, nuclear, remote sensing, optical metrology, particle physics and astronomy.

A test pattern is the multicolored vertical lines that we see whenever a TV station do their test or have some forms of technical interruptions as they match cameras or camcorders to show clearer picture in television broadcasting. It is commonly used for alignment calibration purposes. Many people are not familiar with test pattern, but every one knows that multicolored vertical lie that always appear when there are interruptions in a TV signal.

Camera software is a complex tool that is widely used for the assessment and analysis of every imaging product such as cameras and camcorders. It is widely used because of its ability to provide quality result and cost-effective solutions. Many imaging sensors and camera use this type of software. People also use this to evaluate Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor and Charged Coupled Device.

Optical solutions such as those that are mentioned above have proven their worth to any field of study. Without them, we cannot have a precise measurement in the work that we do. The process of creating and developing these highly sophisticated instruments is extremely crucial as it needs careful and detailed engineering and craftsmanship.

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