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0 Introduction Rapid development in the supply network and the increasing rationalization of network structure today, the state power system reliability have become increasingly demanding. Infrared temperature technology in the field of power industry equipment condition monitoring has been widely used. But the infrared thermal images of high-capacity data transmission is limited and the contradiction between more and more prominent, while the developed to the present, China Mobile’s GPRS wireless power Communicate Network for this problem provides a good solution. Therefore, the study infrared thermal imaging line transmission line temperature measurement is an urgent and arduous task.

Transmission line as the line infrared temperature measurement system uses advanced infrared thermal imaging technology, the temperature of the transmission line state line monitoring; use of existing GPRS wireless communication network data transfer thermal images, with wide coverage No additional transmission equipment and line features, especially for remote regions can not be set up lines of transmission lines occasions. System image capture and transmission device by the infrared thermography data acquisition module, image data compression module, GPRS network communication module, an image data transmission module and solar power devices, of which the image data compression using JPEG hardware compression module technology, the static image compression to minimize the amount of data transferred over the network, saving network resources, improve the image of the transmission speed. In order to address the design of high-speed image acquisition, compression control and a relatively slow data transmission rate of the sampling problem caused by changing the system hardware architecture microcontroller plus programmable logic control Chip (MCU + CPLD) program, the sub-function modules completed by the standard general-purpose, reducing system complexity and improve overall system performance, users can use the PC, through the Internet to achieve thermal images of the remote acquisition and site monitoring.

1 infrared thermal imaging technology in the transmission line model of the temperature monitoring

1.1 Introduction Infrared thermography Infrared thermal imaging technique to detect the various transmission lines Electric Equipment surface radiation is not man’s infrared eyes have seen the technology. It reflects the device surface of the infrared radiation field, that is, the temperature field. And the surface temperature according to equipment, measuring equipment, a part of the average temperature. Is a passive, non-contact testing method. Infrared technology is the use made of the testing equipment, currently in the field of fault diagnosis of electrical equipment is widely used. The simple diagram shown in Figure 1 work.

1.2 Infrared thermography in the transmission line temperature monitoring

Temperature information transmission lines can effectively reflect infrared images. Infrared imaging is the only one that can instantly visualize the thermal information and to verify the diagnosis. Thermal imager can reveal the thermal failure, and through non-contact temperature measurement to qualitative analysis, infrared analysis software for professional help, can be done automatically within seconds of the report.

All use of the equipment or emission of energy will have a fever before the failure of the phenomenon. Ensure reliability of critical electrical equipment is on Energy Effective management, and infrared thermal imaging technology has become the most effective preventive maintenance of field test tools, it can malfunction in equipment before the fast, accurate and safe to find fault. Before failure in the electrical contacts to detect and repair, to avoid transmission lines caused power outages due to high temperature failures caused by the high cost of power down.

Infrared imaging system can correctly guide the preventive maintenance experts on the operation of electrical equipment to accurately judge. Measured temperature value can be compared with historical temperature, or similar devices with the same time to compare the temperature readings to accurately determine whether there has been a significant temperature rise, would cause parts to fail, bringing production risks. Preventive maintenance is mainly used for electric power use. Especially for the transmission line of preventive maintenance, detection, has a strong advantage.

2 transmission line infrared temperature measurement system realized as online programs

2.1 system works Installed in the transmission line the front of the scene using high-precision digital collection terminal Temperature Sensor Parameters of the ambient temperature is collected; use of high-precision infrared imaging system targeting the need for temperature monitoring of electrical equipment. Front-end system periodically collected from a variety of electrical equipment, the temperature distribution of thermal images, the data EXFO FTB-300 OTDR transmitted to the electrical systems, electrical systems through the analysis of thermal images will be processed and compressed and packaged deal, and then send GPRS wireless network to the monitoring center’s computer data on the server. Data server to install the appropriate software program for automatic data processing, primarily the completion of thermal images of the reception and decompression to restore, and then to the form of images and graphics of various electrical equipment, visual display of the temperature distribution of the client, different temperature in different colors. System combines the data correction software systems and various theoretical models analyze the existence of the hot electrical equipment defects and failure state of diagnostic information in a timely manner, effectively prevent thermal transmission line faults. Integration of environmental temperature and transmission line-line monitoring temperature distribution line infrared thermal imaging monitoring, and use of the existing China Mobile’s GPRS wireless communication network powerful real-time data transmission to achieve a state of the transmission line temperature monitoring.

2.2 System Structure The monitoring system consists of two parts: image acquisition and transmission device (front); monitoring center computer data server (center side). Composition in the system can be divided into host computer (control center data server computer) and slave (image collection and transmission device) two parts. Computer data server is responsible for image capture and transmission device management and control, at the upper levels of management, so called the host computer. Image capture and transmission device in a data center control, is responsible for data collection and transmission, at lower management levels, so as the next bit plane. System structure shown in Figure 2.

Image collection and transmission device including image capture chip processor as the core part of image capture and JPEG compression and network transmission part of the GPRS and infrared alarm part. Image Acquisition from the Video A / D chip analog conversion of digital images, using a dedicated chip JPEG image compression. GPRS wireless networks in part by the private GPRS module for network transmission, and image acquisition is part of the interface is a universal asynchronous serial interface (UART). Infrared part of the transmission line temperature alarm that appeared

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