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Valmas & Associates – Greek Law Firm have been earning a world famous reputation for their honest, competent and time efficient legal services. Valmas & Associates – Greek Law Firm, have been focusing on a wide range of areas of the legal practice including:

– Aviation Law (Air Charter Agreements Litigation, Lease of Aircrafts, Passenger Claims, Aircraft Purchases in Greece, Aircraft Parts’ Purchases)

– Compensations / Debt Recovery (Recover Outstanding Payments and Debts in Greece)

– Greek Inheritance Law (Greek Inheritance Lawyers offering Expert Legal Services in Greece)

– Shipping Law (Resolve Wet & Dry Shipping Related Legal Matters via Mediation or Litigation in Greece, Ship Purchase in Greece)

– Greek Golden Visa Program (Buy a House in Greece and gain access to the EU & Schengen areas).

– Business & Commercial Law (Contracts, Sales, Claims, Litigation, Company Formations)

– Contracts & Sales (Business Transactions, Commercial Litigation)

– Real Estate Law (Property Transactions, Real Estate Related Litigation, Residence Permits on the Acquisition of Property over the value of 250.000 EURO, Title Searches)

– Immigration & Nationality Law (Immigration Applications, Immigration Appeals, Asylum, Consular VISA Processing Assistance etc)

– Bankruptcy/Insolvency Law (Cross-border Insolvency)

– Accidents, Negligence & Claims (Road Traffic Accidents Litigation, Personal Injury)

– Administrative Law

– Criminal Law

– Energy Law

– Family Law (Divorces, Child Support Claims, Litigation Services)

– Medical Law

– Trademarks and Patents (Applications for Trademarks and Patents in Greece, Trademark and Patent Related Litigation)

– Litigation & ADR (Civil Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Criminal Procedures, Torts, Petitions for the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Court Judgements)

– Recognition & Enforcement of Foreign Court Judgements

State Reports on Criminal Records in Greece – Penal Records for General Use / Police Certificate from Greece / Criminal Records Copies from Greece / Police Clearance Certificate in Greece

Official Translating Services (EN to GR) – Official Translations from English to Greek.