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feamale case-ovarian tumore

Name  m/s sheetal (case id 2015)

Age 24

Resident Mumbai

Proffesion – hostess

Case of right ovarian tumor with pcod complaint

M/s sheetal( case ref J 894) comes with the chief complaint of irregularities in period and also with right sided ovarian tumor ..and period also comes irregular ,… many mental trauma and disappointment .she was on state of depression and also sever back pain …on hormonal treatment since long  but then it started disturbing the function and started developing the irregularities in the menses  and started postponing the period for month…after long treatment gynecologist advised for laproscopy on the basis of tumor.

she got scared and started with my treatment and within 3 months she got ride of her tumor and also started getting her menses regularly.

We started treatment on 25/12/2013 and on after treatment she started getting the period on time and after sonography tumor also resolved and normalize the period .. she still on the treatment…